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Alloyed titanium

Titanium’s strength and corrosion resistance can be improved when combined with the properties of other alloys. Enter titanium alloys such as Ti-6AL-4V ELI. This alpha-beta alloy contains 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium, and exhibits an excellent combination of strength and toughness, in addition to titanium’s signature corrosion resistance.

For medical applications with stringent user specifications that require controlled microstructures and freedom from melt imperfections, alloys that have been designated as ELI (extra low interstitials) have carefully controlled levels of iron and oxygen that improve ductility and fracture toughness.

These high-performance alloys serve critical medical and industrial applications, ranging from orthopedic pins, screws, and cables, to springs and aerospace components, and as the backbone of offshore equipment requiring corrosion resistance in harsh saltwater environments.

We provide the following titanium alloys:

  • Ti-6AL-4V
  • Ti-6AL-4V ELI

As well as beta titanium alloys such as:

  • Ti-13V-11Cr-3Al
  • Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr (also known as Beta C®)

To learn more about our beta titanium products, please click here.

We can manufacture titanium alloys to a variety of ASTM, AMS, AWS, or other specifications, including:

  • ASTM F-1472
  • ASTM F-136
  • ASTM F-67

Titanium alloys are available as centerless ground bar or cold drawn wire in the following sizes and tolerances:

Centerless Ground Bar 2.54 mm [0.100 in] to 31.75 mm [1.250 in] with a standard tolerance of +/- 0.0127 mm [0.0005 in]

Wire 1.02 mm [0.040 in] to 14.29 mm [0.5625 in] with a standard tolerance of
+/- 0.0254 mm [0.001 in]

Coil 1.14 mm [0.045 in] up to 14.27 mm [0.562 in]